Life Purpose Reading

The Life Purpose Reading (previously known as the 11th Codon Reading) offers the deep insight into the many aspects of who you are, why you have come here, what your life contracts are, where you have come from and much more insight into the many aspects of the truth and essence of our being.

We are spirits are vast and eternal, beyond what the mind can comprehend, and we have participated in many past lives and off-world incarnations preparing us for this lifetime. In addition, we have a spiritual family lineage we are sourced from, just like we have a genetic family here in the physical. We have connections to Angels, Arch-angels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more and all this is stored within. We only have to use the correct key to unlock the door of understanding our vast human potential! 

Everyone is born with a unique purpose and has a reason for being alive.  This session sheds insight into what your personal purpose in life is.

*This reading can only be done once the Life Activation has been completed.

Session Length: 75 mins
Session Price: $500

There is a vast amount of information stored within your 11th Codon and therefore we do also offer packages for 2 sessions or more. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a package booking.