Full Spirit Activation

While the Life Activation amplifies your personal connection to your higher self, the FULL SPIRIT ACTIVATION takes that one step further to increase your connection to your soul. By activating these higher aspects of your energy bodies, you are switching-on the superhero system that exists within everyone. This is the potential to perform miracles and the opportunity to optimize our own divinity.

This session involves awakening the Thalamus region, or “the old brain,” the Pituitary and Pineal  glands, which increases the soul’s awareness to the physical experience, thus creating a richer appreciation for this amazing life.

Activating this awareness of the soul to the physical, will:

Unblock channels of awareness in the body
Enhance the nervous system and sensory interface to the physical
Intensify your physical and spiritual senses
Fight apathy in the soul
Help you feel more ALIVE
Boost your connection to life, nature and the people around you
Fill you with a sense of JOY
Help to provide clarity in your life purpose and path of service
Elevate your relationship to divinity and source
And so much more…

Session Length:     90 minutes
Session Price:         $450
*Prerequisites: A Life Activation (or Top-up Life Activation) in the 6 months prior to the session.