Sacred Geometry Ancient Crystal Gridding

If you want to take your home or work space to a higher energy level, we can grid your home with crystal grids for a continuous experience of strong, positive energy. This Ancient and Powerful technique uses sacred geometric patterning placement of crystals combined with the chanting of  sacred magickal rituals to create and hold the energies required to vastly energize and uplift any space.

Different geometric gridding will bring into your space:
  • Protection
  • God Divinity Presence
  • Call in the God & Goddess of Light
  • Energy, completion, wholeness, abundance  & manifestation of all your desires & needs

This crystal grid holds at all times an extremely positive energy and there is a big difference between a room that has these ancient crystal grids or not. Your space is ‘gridded’ with a very Sacred Geometrical shape, ancient holy words and crystals specifically charged and prepared to hold this energy in your space.

Please contact us for a quote as the space and type of grid to be used will be calculated accordingly and included in the cost is a pre and post gridding consultation of your home or work space.