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Have a Life Activation and get to attend our weekly mediation for free for a month (value $100)

Life Activation


Having a Life Activation will            change your life...

Re-ignite or re-kindle the spark that gives your life hope, meaning, and purpose.
All of your latent abilities and possibilities 
will be activated, start to awaken, and become progressively more active. Infuse yourself with light and begin the process of healing yourself and living fully with more purpose.            

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King Salomon's Wisdom

ONE of the most 
radically transformative
series ever encountere

12 weeks with 12 sessions focusing on many different aspects of you! We will work on the physical, mental, emotional, and the energy field around your body; allowing you to make major shifts where are you aware of changes needed and in areas you might not have even realized need healing.       

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Purification By Light

Negative cord cutting, negativity energy removal and washed in Light

Feeling bogged down by negative relationships or events? Emotional cord cutting allows you to cut all negative cords you have between yourself, loved ones, and other people in your life; allowing your love cords to thrive and positive relations to form once again.