Caroline Rasmussen, Founder of the Life Path Healing Centre, has enjoyed a broad multicultural, experiential and varied life journey. She began her studies at the University of Cape Town, graduating with a BA (Honours) in English Literature & Language Studies. Upon graduating she worked as a Tutor in the English Department at the University of the Western Cape, but developed an increasing interest in holistic healing and certified as a Shiatsu and Acupuncture Practitioner. 

This lead her to her most advanced training yet;  allowing her to really have an impact; primarily with empowering and that facilitating the process of learning and healing in many individuals.

The Modern Mystery School, well known for its advanced spiritual training and profound teachings in holistic healing and self empowerment, offered Caroline the very path she had been seeking.  Since then she has studied and certified extensively in the last 10 years with the school. In her own words...

“I found the Modern Mystery School because I was looking for something but I wasn’t sure what. I was living in a very, very dark place at the time, and was in desperate need of healing and positive energy, which I now call ‘light’.  I needed to balance the negative energies that had been corrupting my thoughts and sending me further into the depths of hopelessness and self destructive behaviours, with positive energy to support me, as I rebuilt positive patterns and healing.  The healing has been a constant journey since, always healing another layer and another aspect of myself.

I have chosen to specialise in the core healings of the Mystery School, the King Salomon Healings, Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation and also Purification by Light Energy Cleansing; aside from many other modalities.

One of the side journeys I have taken with this healing path was nutrition and eastern medicine.  I learned about food and nutrition, to heal many of my physical problems and pains.  I did huge amounts of research to understand how the human body interacts with what it is given nutritionally;  from how food can create or heal illness, to how many aspects of human life can be influenced by nutritional choices. “ 

Caroline’s interests range from being a widely informed and devoted mother, to nutrition and healthy food choices, reading, Tai Chi, dancing, yoga, personal growth, spiritual development, playing with  her cats, art and creativity, and holistic and natural healing.