Can Energy Healing Work for Chronic Disease?

I have noticed a very interesting trend regarding the treatment of chronic disease with energy healing.  Many people seem to want an overnight miracle where they expect only a small handful of healings to cure them.  I have never seen that work, and honestly, I cannot see how that could work.  What I see, is if people are willing to commit themselves to energy healing with the dedication that they are willing to engage with western medicine, I believe with absolute certainty, the types of results they are seeking can be achieved.

When studying Jikiden Reiki, I read Tadao Yamuguchi's book Light on the Origins of Reiki. One of the topics he discusses is how his mother engaged with clients/patients who came to her presenting with chronic or severe illness, and how she (and her colleagues) achieved success.  Something that stood out for me, was the dedication and quantity of energy invested.  She would work with people for a few hours a day, for a number of weeks. It was not a few sessions here and there, it was an intensive approach, almost like spending time in hospital to get multiple treatments daily.

On further reading on how traditional Chinese and Taiwanese acupuncturists have achieved equally miraculous results with acupuncture, it seems they take a similarly dedicated approach, expecting patients to do hours of Tai Chi and Chi Kung daily to supplement a fairly intense regime of clinical treatments.

Both of these approaches typically seem to involve the patient almost or actually living with the person treating them, and offering time and effort energy exchange rather than strictly money for their treatments.  Granted this is not a fully viable option in the western world with how our society functions, but it is I believe where we can start in looking at achieving successful energy and natural therapy for chronic and severe illness.  I also believe it is perfectly viable to include a portion of energy exchange in the modern world, but some money is usually needed.  Equal and fair exchange is essential in healing work (a whole other topic) and in the modern world this includes money.

So can energy healing work "miracles", I would say yes.   I could go into stories of people I know, and even more if I tell the stories of colleagues clients.  Major surgery has been cancelled, radiation therapy has been averted,  chemo has had less impact than any doctor believed possible.  The common factor of all these stories, a fairly intense regime of energy healings, multiple per week in many cases, to really support and hold a person's energy and aura in the improved state not giving it enough time to fall again before the next boost given.
Written by Caroline Rasmussen